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OMGTEA Organic Matcha Green Tea - Japanese AAA Grade Matcha Tea Powder 30g

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

OMGTea use an "A" system to categorise the powder they use into different quality grades. The AAA grade is a premium ceremonial grade for Matcha lovers who appreciate the fine taste and who like it traditionally straight Japanese style. They also offer an AAA+ style, which is their highest grade and ideal for drinking in the traditional Japanese way.

According to OMGTEA, the difference between their AAA and AAA+ grades is the way in which leaves from different tea plants and fields are combined, similar to the creation of different variations of wines.

OMGTEA AAA will arrive in a small tin, as shown in the photo below. It is very well sealed, which means that the freshness of the Matcha powder will be ensured as good as possible.

We often use the AAA grade Matcha tea, as we oftentimes have a hint of oat drink in our Matcha, and therefore feel we do not always need to use the highest grade available.

OMGTEA AAA is made with the finest leaves from the top of the tea plant and first harvest ground using a traditional granite stone mill. The traditional grinding process takes more than an hour for 30 grams. This explains why this powder is a bit pricey. It reflects the high quality of the product. OMGTEA have won two stars at the 2019 Great Taste Awards. We believe that this is definitely justified, as their matcha is absolutely delicious!

We find this Matcha is incredible. The taste is really good, definetly not bitter, and mild, nutty, earthy, sweet and creamy, just as you would expect from a Ceremonial grade Matcha. You can clearly tell the difference compared to a lower grade. Especially if you take a look at the vibrant green color of the powder, you will be convinced!

We have tried various brands of matcha tea over over the past 4-5 years, having discovered and fallen in love with Matcha during various trips to Japan. We find grade AAA of this brand is fabulous and it is by far one of the best Matchas we have been able to source online from the UK.

For a start, it is genuinely bright green without the need to use Photoshop - something that many other matcha sellers disappointingly do. So with one you are not going to be disappointed about the colour. We can highly recommend this Matcha tea.

Get your OMGTEA Grade AAA Matcha Powder:



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