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Our Top 3 Premium Grade Matcha Green Teas

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Premium grade Matcha is not an "official" category. However, it is a useful one and often used by manufacturers and sellers of Matcha. Premium grade is less expensive than Ceremonial grade Matcha. While Ceremonial grade Matcha is the highest grade, you should ideally only drink it in its pure form, only with water. Premium grade Matcha then is the kind of Matcha you would throw in your latte or smoothie to get a delicious and nutritious shot of energy. It has a bright green color and a fine texture, and breaks up easily in water. Premium Matcha is good for everyday tea use because it is a high quality Matcha at a lower price point than Ceremonial grade Matcha.

Below we present you the our Top 3 of Premium Grade "everyday" Matcha Tea Powders.

1) Clearspring Organic Japanese Premium Grade Matcha Tea Powder

The Clearspring Organic Japanese Premium Grade Matcha is genuinely one of the best Matchas we have ever tried. It comes in a 40g resealable bag and the Matcha comes from Uji in Japan. This product won 2 stars at the 2017 Great Taste Awards and the product has, at the time of this review, also received a rating of 5 out of 5 starts on Amazon, which is very rare. It is one of the more expensive Premium grade powders, whereas it is not as highly priced as Ceremonial grade Matcha powders. It tastes fantastic, just like Matcha should taste, and is perfect for everyday use if you want a really good Matcha, but save some money compared to Ceremonial grade Matchas.

Get your Clearspring Premium Organic Matcha on Amazon:

2) NaturaleBio Organic Premium Grade Matcha

The NaturaleBio Organic Premium Grade Matcha is one of our favourite "everyday" Matcha Tea Powders that we always have at home. It comes in either a resealable 50g or 100g bag. The Matcha comes from Uji, Japan, which is one of the most popular and well-known locations for Matcha. This is really a solid Matcha that can be enjoyed everyday. Typical for a Premium Matcha, you may get a very slightly bitter taste, but we actually like this, and the powder is slightly less green than Ceremonial grade. However, it tastes fantastic and is definitely high-quality, especially as it is organic and comes from Uji in Japan. The fact that it has around 4,500 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating shows that you can´t really do wrong when you try ths Matcha.

Get your NaturaleBio Premium Grade Matcha on Amazon:

3) Sevenhills Wholefoods Classic Matcha Organic

Sevenhills Wholefoods offer, like many other brands, a Ceremonial grade Matcha and a Premium grade Matcha. Sevenhills call their Premium grade Matcha "Classic". This Matcha comes in different sizes, which are 50g, 100g and 200g. The Matcha also comes in a resealable bag, which is always useful. We found out that this Matcha comes from Uji in Japan, like so many other high-quality Matcha powders. Something that we always look out for when buying Matcha is that it is certfiied organic, which we think is very important. We find that this Premium grade Matcha offers the best value for money. It is priced below the NaturaleBio Premium Grade Matcha, but has a slightly stronger bitter taste, and is a bit stronger. However, it is still a very good everyday Matcha that we can recommend and drink regularly.

Get your Sevenhills Wholefoods Matcha Powder on Amazon:


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