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Our Top 3 List of Plant-Based Drinks for Matcha Tea Latte

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

We like our Matcha with a hint of plant-based milk alternative. As we are vegans, we do not drink cow´s milk. As we know that many people who drink Matcha are also vegans and are interested in which plant-based drink works best when making dairy-free Matcha Tea Latte, we present our Top 3 list of Plant-Based Drinks for Matcha Tea Latte below. We generally like only a hint of plant-based milk alternative in our Matcha, but from time to time, we also foam the plant-based drink up and make dairy-free Matcha Tea Latte.

1) Provamel Organic Oat Drink

One of our favourite plant "mylks" we put into our Matcha is Provamel Organic Oat Drink. This is a fantastic milk alternative. It foams really well, even though, occasionally, there is a batch that does not foam up. We understand this, as this oat drink is actually not a barista version that has been designed to be foamable, but it still works really well! It also is the plant-based drink that tastes best in our opinion.

It is quite neutral, just slightly sweet, and works fantastic in Matcha. We sometimes even don´t use any water but only 100% Provamel and then add the Matcha powder, which makes it a slightly sweet Matcha full of flavour. We like the fact that this oat drink is organic and is normally available with a 15% subscribe and save discount from Amazon. As far as we know, this is the only foamable oat drink that is available and that is organic at the same time.

Get Provamel Organic Oat Drink on Amazon:

2) OATLY Oat Drink Barista Edition

Another plant-based drink that we like in our Matcha is the OATLY Oat Drink Barista Edition. This plant-based drink has been specifically designed to be foamable, and yes, it produces a lot of foam! It works really well and we generally use it if we want a lot of foam in our Matcha! However, unfortunately, it is not organic. But as you can probably tell, we really think that oat drinks work well in Matcha.

Get OATLY Barista Oat Drink on Amazon:

3) Alpro SOYA Vanilla Flavoured Drink

If you fancy a slighly sweet Matcha with vanilla flavour, you should try Alpro Soya Vanilla flavoured drink in your Matcha. It foams really well, as all soya-based drinks, and the vanilla is really delicious. If you use this one, you get a delicious Vanilla Matcha-Tea Latte.

Get Alpro Soya Vanilla on Amazon:


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