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Artcome Japanese Matcha Tea Set - Traditional Japanese Ceremony Set

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

If you are looking for a Matcha Tea Set, then you should choose the Artcome Japanese Matcha Tea Set.

The complete Matcha set contains:

  1. Matcha whisk, to whisk the Matcha in the bowl manually

  2. traditional scoop to add Matcha to the bowl

  3. Matcha bowl

  4. Matcha powder caddy

  5. ceramic whisk holder (this is really useful and missing in many other sets)

  6. tea cloth

  7. tea cloth holder

  8. scoop holder

  9. matcha powder strainer

The set itself does not include any Matcha powder. However, the set is really lovely and contains everything you need! We have it ourselves and love to use it! Many Matcha sets only contain a whisk, a scoop and a bowl. We really like that this set includes holders for the scoop and the whisk, plus a lot of additional items, which are nicely designed, can be really useful and contribute to the experience.

We also find it very positive that the entire set is constructed of natural bamboo. No mysterious varnishes or other chemicals are used in this product. It appears to be made from 100% bamboo with a vegetable oil finish to enhance its durability.

The set is useful if you are just starting with Matcha, or just give it as the perfect gift!

The only downside to this product is that we find the bowl could be a bit larger, so that you need to be a bit careful when you whisk the Matcha in the bowl. However, as everything in the set is so beautiful, we definitely recommend this set. If you are a true Matcha lover, you will probably collect various Matcha bowls over time anyway!

Get your Matcha Tea Set on Amazon:


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