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Purechimp Cinammon Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The Purechimp Cinnamon Matcha Green Tea is a Ceremonial grade Matcha tea that is mixed with 14% cinnamon. It is not an organic Matcha tea, but it is marketed as pesticide-free.

We normally only consume organic Matcha teas, but we like that 5% of Purechimp´s profits go to charity. We also really like the packaging, as this is one of the few Matcha teas that comes in recyclable glass. You can therefore always see from the outside how much you have left, and how green the powder looks. You should, however, store the Matcha away from direct sunlight, as the direct sunlight could have a negative effect on the powder itself. It is generally recommended to store Matcha in the fridge.

The Purechimp Matcha is definitely high quality. The slightly sweet taste of the Matcha powder works really well with the cinnamon powder. We think it definitely is a great combination for the colder months of the year. Especially now, where we are heading towards Christmas, it is really nice to have a cinnamon Matcha when it is raining outside. The powder is smooth and dissolves well. To make the perfect cup of Purechimp Matcha make sure your water temperature is around 80°C. Do not use boiling water as it scorches the matcha powder, destroys the nutrients and makes it taste bitter.

We can genuinely recommend this Matcha-cinnamon mix and suggest you go ahead and try it yourself :).

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