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Purechimp Modern Matcha Starter Set

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The traditional way to whisk matcha is by using a wooden Matcha whisk. However, even though it´s not the traditional way, we find that electric milk frothers work as good as wooden whisks, and maybe even better.

Purechimp has released their Modern Matcha Starter Set.

The starter set contains of 50g of Purechimp Matcha, a Matcha spoon and an electric whisk. We like their Matcha as it comes in a recycable glass jar. Unfortunately, the Matcha is not organic, but the seller conirms that it has been produced without pesticides. The tea is a nice colour green and tastes really well. It is also mixed well using the supplied whisk.

We believe the set achieves what sets out to do. It is a great starter set as it contains everything you need in the beginning. If you then find out that Matcha is for you, you can still order a traditional Matcha bowl, but Matcha also tastes great in a normal cup!

If you are just starting with Matcha, please make sure that you are not using boiling water, as it can change the taste of Matcha and it can damage some of the polyphenols in the powder. These polyphenols have various health benefits. The best temperature is around 80°C which you can achieve using an electric kettle, or you can just wait a few minutes after boiling.

You can then put water and powder into a cup or a traditional Matcha bowl and whisk well. You should really make sure that you whisk it well, as otherwise it can be slightly gritty when you get to the end of the cup.

Get your Matcha Starter Set on Amazon:



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