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Kineta Better Energy Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The Kineta Better Energy Matcha comes from a famous tea growing region just outside of Nishio, Japan. It comes in a 30g tin, which we always like. The small size ensures that it does not take too long to use the Matcha up, which ensures that you always use fresh Matcha. The tin can also always be properly closed and ensures that the Matcha is not exposed to too much oxygen, which also ensures that it stays fresh. We like the design. The tin is silver in colour and the label shows the company name and some dark tea leaves, which looks simple and a bit different to many other Matcha teas, which have green packaging.

Kineta have confirmèd that their product meets strict guidelines through organic certification and is regularly tested for various factors including heavy metals, which is reassuring. We can confirm that the powder has a vibrant green colour, just like a ceremonial Matcha should have. It also smells great and very fresh. With regards to the taste, there is no bitterness in this Matcha at all. It is very teasty and the taste is almost on the sweet note. some of the brands we tried in the past were quite bitter, but we do not recommend these on this website.

Very important is also the effect that a Matcha Tea has on your mood. As with many other great Matcha brands, this one also leads to a calmness but provides energy for quite a long period. Really good for studying or when you need to focus your mind.

This is one of the best Matchas that we ever had.

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