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Mighty Matcha Super Healthy Ceremonial Green Tea - Organic

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The Mighty Matcha Super Healthy Green Tea won the Great Taste Gold Award in 2012.

This Ceremonial Matcha comes in a nice 30g which makes it easy to close and the lid makes sure that the Matcha stays fresh, also for a longer period.

Mighty Matcha have confirmed that they test every batch of their Matcha Tea for heavy metals and pesticides. We like this one, especially as it is organic. However, we must say that it has a slightly (only very slightly) bitter taste to it, which we don´t often find in other Ceremonial grade Matchas. We also, unfortunately, have not found out where this Matcha comes from. We thought we would find it on the Mighty Matcha website, but we could not! It still is a delicious Matcha and often sold at an offer price, so please check prices at Amazon regularly to make sure you do not miss a great offer.

Even though this one can have a slightly bitter taste, it still tastes very good and has a vibrant, deep green colour.

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