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MOYA Matcha to go! Organic

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

We have tried MOYA Matcha to go! and here is what we think!

MOYA Matcha to go! is a handy and fully-portable form of MOYA Matcha. Simply put, MOYA Matcha to go! comes in form of handy sticks that are easy to carry around for you to use anywhere and anytime. This is extremely handy in the office at work or when you go on holiday, for example. It is extremely convenient if you stay in hotels where you have a kettle in the room that you can use.

The powder comes from Uji in Japan, like many other Matcha powders. ​Uji, Japan, is a region known for the highest quality of green tea. There is also MOYA Matcha available in premium and ceremonial grade that does not come in individual sachets. We tried to find out if this Matcha in sachets is the ceremonial grade or the premium grade version. We believe it is the premium grade version as it would probably say on hte packaging if it was the ceremonial grade version.

Nevertheless, there are not many organic Matcha powders that are available in sachets, and this is the strength of this product. It is nicely green in colour, tastes just as a matcha should taste like, foams up when made and is just delicious. We can definitely recommend this one. As it comes in sachets, it is a bit pricey, but we only use this one when we go on holiday or stay somewhere overnight, where it makes perfect sense. Give it a try!

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