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Which Matcha Tea Is Best For Weight Loss?

It is a well-known fact Matcha tea is often people’s priority to balance survive a balanced lifestyle. And, many people are now more concerned about weight loss to enhance lifespan. This can easily be done using a special kind of green tea. Frankly speaking, when it comes to green tea, we always come across Matcha tea responsible for accelerating weight loss. But wait. Is every Matcha Tea equally effective? The straight answer is ‘No’. We will delve down into deep to find the type of Matcha tea and the appropriate method of preparation to better suit our purpose. It is normally harder for people to find the best method to lose weight once they gain it. Weight loss refers to lessen body fluid, body mass, and body fats. This can be a piece of cake for those who are slim and smart wandering around, but for those who have bulged out belly and unhealthy lifestyle could be a difficult task to carry out.

Matcha is extracted from a plant named Camellia Sinensis which is abundant in L-theanine, chlorophyll, and caffeine. Traditionally, May is considered to be the most suitable month for harvesting. And this is done twice a year depending upon the type of matcha tea intend to extract. Around the initial week of May, the leaves turn green, and a kind of fresh smell widespread around the vast lands. After the harvesting process, they are pestled into powder and then prepared to package for sale. Generally, Matcha tea is categorized as culinary grade and Ceremonial grade. Here, do not take the term ‘Grade’ with the quality as lower or higher. The classification is based on the purpose they are used for. Each has its purpose. People conventionally prefer the latter type of Matcha tea for weight loss purposes.

Culinary grade Matcha

Culinary grade matcha is considered to be a poorer kind of Matcha just because it is extracted after the first harvest is done. In other words, it comes from the lower parts of plants that are left after the first harvest is done. Surprisingly, we take more culinary matcha than any kind in the form of chocolates, cakes, and beverages. Therefore, it is designed to be leveled up with other ingredients. Direct intake of culinary matcha tastes less sweety, and more bitter. Its smell is grassier in case of direct intake. Usually, people like what their tongue likes, and so they avoid the direct intake of culinary matcha due to its strong bitterness and avoidable smell. Moreover, culinary matcha is poorly processed in a factory as it can be harvested in August. This led people not to pay too much attention to making its tea for weight loss.

Ceremonial grade Matcha

Unlike culinary matcha, ceremonial matcha is taken directly from young matcha leaves in the first harvest. What is different among both is in terms of extraction in the first and second harvest. Active and young leaves keep Catechin and EGCG more effective. The powder usually comes in high flavor profiles for direct use. So, direct intake through milk or hot water has shown significant positive effects. And in fact, it will lose all its delicate flavor in case of mixing with other ingredients. More preferably, it should be consumed directly and could be the best for weight loss. Also, some people use matcha tea powder by sprinkling it over fruit in a minute amount. This can also be done but would be out of our topic to discuss.

Why you should take Ceremonial Grade Matcha for Weight Loss

Generally speaking, you can take any kind of ceremonial grade matcha. The common traits of ceremonial matcha tea that can contribute to weight loss in the human body are as follow.

Provision of low calories

The veins and lower parts of the tea plant are completely removed before grinding them. All we have are pure green leaves, with low calories in them for weight loss. The fewer calories the matcha has, the less fat will accumulate in the body. Since one gram of matcha tea contains three calories of energy. Therefore, taking few grams of it will not make any difference.

Heat Production

Fat is one of the components responsible for weight gain. When calories burn, heat produces and the more heat produces the more fat will break down. It has been observed from the studies at the University of Colorado that ceremonial matcha tea boosts the ability to burn calories on average from 9% to an average of 38% by increasing heat. Note that increasing heat does not refer to the outer heat we usually experience.

EGCG antioxidant

The ceremonial match is rich in EGCG antioxidants. According to the National Library of medicine, EGCG has a positive role in enhancing weight loss. We intake the direct leaves, unlike normal green tea, through matcha tea. Direct intake in the form of powder expels the toxic substances from our body. Toxic substances often cause inflammation in our bodies. And inflammation causes weight gain.

Lift metabolism

During or after exercise, ceremonial matcha tea increases your metabolic activity and hence boosts metabolism. It is to be noted that ceremonial matcha tea is not some kind of helping hand for the digestive system. It increases the rate of metabolism which in turn breaks down fats so fast. It neither breaks up food nor does it reduce fatty accumulation. It has been seen from studies that catechin, which is an antioxidant component, enhances weight loss. And, when you think about losing fats, you should pay attention to how fast the metabolic activity inside your body occurs.


It is not unusual that our body is filled with toxic substances which promote health issues by accumulating inside the body. Its accumulation inside the body causes weight gain. Catechin is a strong antioxidant present in the leaves of matcha tea, responsible for providing free radicals which in turn react with toxic accumulated substances to wash them away from our body. Detoxification can sometimes seem hard for those who are inconsistent in the daily intake of ceremonial matcha tea.

Balancing glucose level

Ceremonial grade matcha is rich in an antioxidant known as polyphenols which defend against blood sugar, heart diseases, and boost metabolic activity. An increase in blood sugar causes fat accumulation and contributes to weight gain. It has been shown from the studies that polyphenols resist the glucose level to level up. Henceforth contributes by lowering the blood sugar level.

Stress reduction

As our body notices stress, the adrenal glands release a special kind of hormone known as cortisol into our bloodstream. This increases heart pumping rate and blood pressure. The constant release of this hormone causes an increase in our appetite and promotes weight gain. L-theanine is an amino acid that helps in reducing the anxiety systems. L-theanine increases dopamine and serotonin which ultimately calm our brain and sustain normal activity.

Best Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea for Weight Loss

To be more specific, if you want the best among the ceremonial grade matcha for weight loss, then there are many types and among them are the top 8 types that are widely known will be discussed below.

Ceremonial grade matcha is classified based on aroma, color, flavor, texture, and color vitality. For instance, we have the following types as under:

1. Mizuba Nagomi Ceremonial Grade Matcha

2. Jade leaf Ceremonial Grade Matcha

3. Encha Ceremonial Grade Matcha

4. Kenko Ceremonial Grade Matcha

5. Kiss me Organics Ceremonial Grade Matcha

6. Matcha Moon Ceremonial Grade Matcha

7. Matcha Konomi Akira Ceremonial Grade Matcha

8. Kyoto Dew Ceremonial Grade Matcha

All these ceremonial strong matcha herbal matcha teas have widely been accepted. However, our interest is more towards the most accepted type of matcha for weight loss. It has been observed that Kyoto Dew Ceremonial Grade Matcha is widely accepted for its role in weight loss. All other types have shown tremendously positive results, but for now, we are more interested in the ‘best’. Let's briefly explain what it is and why it is the most acceptable matcha tea.

Kyoto Dew Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Famous ceremonial type from Kyoto, Japan, ‘Kyoto Dew ceremonial’ is thoroughly processed in a factory. Initially, before harvesting, the vast field of tea plants is left under shades of huge canopies for over forty days to enhance the chlorophyll, catechin, and L-theanine. Then, young leaves are meticulously chosen often using hands. Therefore, this can sometimes be a hard task in the 21st century. The novice-born leaves are also chosen to bring sweetness to the tea. They are then steamed and dried for a week. Among dried leaves, the most dried leaves are chosen out. Veins of leaves often contain a lead element that could be hazardous for health, are removed from leaves. Removing veins from each leaf can also ensure a smooth taste in tea. Then, the finest chosen leaves are pestled with grinders or traditionally with hands into powder. Crushing with hands often is done to ensure the maximum reduction of clumps in the powder. The smooth powder is then packed and sent for sale. This is widely the purest among ceremonial grade Matcha. Uji, Kyoto is far from Hiroshima and Nagasaki and one does not need to worry about radiation. For the safety measures, the product is always gone through the radiation-testing process to give the best and safe quality.

Making of Kyoto Dew Ceremonial Grade Matcha for Weight Loss


1. Take two bowls.

2. Take a ½ spoon of Kyoto Dew Ceremonial Grade Matcha powder

3. Sift the matcha into a bowl.

4. Pour 2 ounces of water into matcha.

5. Stir with a stirrer or spoon to make sure no undissolved powder is left at the bottom. In layman's terms, give it a uniform color through constant stirring.

6. Add again hot water into the bowl containing matcha. Water should be hot enough to dissolved powder. Note that water should not be boiled.

7. Stir until the uniform color appears throughout the hot water.

The method of Kyoto Dew ceremonial grade matcha tea preparation is not necessarily absolute. You can use any method that better suits you. But the important point is to completely dissolve the powder in hot water. After all, the leaves we intake in the form of matcha tea play a role.

Final thoughts

In summing up, this article highlights the two basic types of Matcha tea, ceremonial and culinary matcha tea. Ceremonial designed to be taken in the form of matcha tea. While culinary is used in cooking and beverages. It turns out that Ceremonial grade matcha plays a vital role in promoting weight loss. More succinctly, Kyoto dew ceremonial grade matcha tea is considered to be the best ceremonial grade matcha tea for weight loss. Our goal is to give the best method we can to ensure readers’ practical satisfaction. One can take any kind of ceremonial matcha tea with measuring proper precautions if he or she has health issues related to kidney, liver, and glucose imbalance.

Weight loss through ceremonial grade matcha tea is real. We often provide information based on the experiences and the studies that have been done over the years. Sometimes we provide references and where it is needed.

Conclusively, now is the time to implement ceremonial matcha tea in your diet. Remember that you can lose weight. For that, always learn and always get information beforehand. The more information you get about ceremonial and other matcha tea types, the more you will be so sure about them. Learn quickly by visiting our website Enjoy!


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