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How To Make Matcha Green Tea Without A Whisk?

In this blog post we explore how you can make delicious Matcha Green Tea without using a whisk.

If you try Matcha for the first time or maybe you were even gifted a tin or a bag of green Matcha Tea Powder and you are a bit unsure of what to do with the powder. Especially if you don´t use or drink Matcha regularly we can understand that the process may seem a little complicated, so let´s have a closer look at it.

First of all, let´s have a look at how Matcha is traditionally prepared and enjoyed.

How to prepare Matcha Tea the traditional way

If you look for photos or videos on Matcha tea you will oftentimes see the bamboo whisk in the same photo or video. To enjoy Matcha the traditional way, you require a bamboo whisk. This bamboo whisk is also known as chasen. You can find more detail about how to prepare Matcha traditionally here in one of our previous blog posts. However, there are different ways to prepare Matcha, and you are by no means forced to do it the traditional way. To be honest, we only rarely use the bamboo whisk! Therefore, should you not have a whisk at home, then don´t just leave the Matcha untouched. Let´s have a look at some other items you can use to prepare delicious Matcha.

Alternative ways to prepare Matcha Tea without a Whisk

We already mentioned one of the items we use to prepare Matcha in our earlier blog posts. You can find out more about this product here. Chances are that you have it at home already! We are talking about a standard milk frother, such as this one.

Below you can find our recipe to create Matcha green tea with a milk frother:

1) Fill 1/5th of a cup/mug/bowl with plant based oat drink

2) Add Matcha powder depending on personal preference. We normally add 1/2 tablespoon

3) Use milk frother to mix the powder into the plant based oat drink

4) Add hot water

5) Enjoy!

It just saves time when we prepare it, as it takes a little longer when using a traditional whisk. However, when we have time on the weekend or just want to enjoy Matcha in a traditional way, then we use a traditional whisk and bowl. If you like to explore this further, it might be worth having a look at a Tea Ceremony Matcha starter set.

The other way to mix Matcha powder into milk/plant-based drink or water is to use a mixer or blender. You could also use a pot, glass or bottle with lid and put the milk/plant-based drink and water in there with the powder and shake it thoroughly. The downside of this is that sometimes the powder does not fully dilute. This also means that you require another device and we find the milk frother is very easy to use and can just be cleaned with hot water after the process!

We hope that you will enjoy your Matcha!

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