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Can Matcha Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Matcha Tea in cup that can be used to support weight loss. Find out more about which matcha tea is best for weight loss. Read the article and discover more about Matcha Tea and Weight Loss.
Matcha Tea in cup with Matcha Tea Powder

Matcha Tea is often related to weight loss. You may therefore ask yourself what is the best Matcha Tea for weight loss? Before we discuss this, we will let you know our opinion about whether Matcha and Weight Loss are really related. Let`s talk about the Matcha weight loss phenomenon.

Green Tea in general and also Matcha Tea have been associated with supporting Weight Loss and fat burning. However, is this actually true? Are Matcha and Weight Loss related? Do Matcha and Fat Burning go together? Well, from what we found out, Matcha and Weight loss are linked! We have done some research and found that there are various studies which provide strong indicative data of increased weight loss and reduced BMI in green tea consumers. As Matcha is green tea, this should therefore also apply to Matcha.

However, how is this achieved? Matcha Green Tea catechins exert a "thermogenic effect", which this simply means that they help to drive the fat burning process within your body. This obvously can support you on your weight loss journey. Therefore, if you regularly drink green tea (or Matcha Tea), you have a good chance that you reduce your body fat.

However, of course, there is more to this. If you generally don´t eat very healthy don´t expect to suddenly see a significant effect. Our view is that Matcha definitely supports you if you plan to lose weight, but it can only be one of various steps you need to take if you want to lose weight. Other steps you may want to consider are to be more active and to change your eating habits. Matcha can also be used when you do intermittent fasting, which can also support weight loss. As pure Matcha (without sugar or milk or plant-based milk alternative) does not break fasting, as it is as good as calorie free, and as it contains various nutrients it is great to drink it while fasting.

So, which Matcha Tea is best for weight loss? There are many Matcha teas on the market and we understand that it can be very confusing. While we can`t really tell you which Matcha Tea is best for weight loss, we can recommend various Matcha powders that we have tested. We only recommend the best ones, and you can find these in our Top Lists and Reviews sections. If you want to learn about Matcha in general, please check our Education section. Enjoy Matcha!

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