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Is Matcha Powder Gluten-Free?

Is Matcha Powder Gluten-Free? Read our article and find out!
Matcha Powder in a Scoop

If you live Gluten-Free and also love Matcha Green Tea, you will want to know if Matcha Powder is Gluten-Free. There are obviously people who choose to live gluten-free because they want to, and there are others who have to live gluten-free, because they have Celiac disease.

We can keep the answer to this question short. The short and clear answer is that pure Matcha Powder is naturally gluten-free. You should always take a look at the ingredients list, however. Some Matcha powders that are sold may include colour or flavour enhancers, sugar, or additional ingredients.

Please note that barley, malt and rye are usually not declared as allergens on the product label. It is normally only wheat, so always read the ingredient listing carefully. Barley/malt can also hide in flavourings, so contact the manufacturer if the source of the flavouring is not disclosed on the label. We know that Matcha Tea powder sometimes has wheat added to it, but only Matcha that is not 100% pure.

If you want to purchase and consume high-quality Matcha Tea and what to be on the safe-side with regards to the powder being gluten-free, then you should only go with pure Matcha Tea Powder from certain regions. If you want to find out more about this, please check our Education section and the article Where Does Matcha Tea Come From. All the Matcha Powders we have tested and recommend on our website are 100% pure, and most of them are organic as well. You can find more out about these in our Reviews and Top Lists sections.

If you consume Matcha Green Tea in a coffee or tea shop, you should always ask the question, as you cannot be sure that the powder that they use is 100% pure.


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