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What is Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha tea is a bright green traditional tea drink from Japan. It consists of ground tea leaves and is said to have positive health benefits. Is this really true? Is Matcha Green Tea healthy? If you take a closer look at this fascinating drink, then Matcha reveals its true potential.

Unfortunately, there are not many scientific studies that focus on this specific type of green tea. However, thousands of scientific studies that relate more generally to green tea can also be transferred to Matcha tea.

If you make Matcha tea, you do not use a tea bag. Matcha tea is made by using powder that consists of the entire tea leaf. Therefore, it consists of many more positive ingredients than green tea!

Matcha can also be used in many different ways. Matcha tastes fantastic and can be used to make tea, cocktails, smoothies, lemonades, cake, chocolate, ice cream, salad, and much more.

As it is a green tea, Matcha contains caffeine. However, caffeine in tea works different than caffeine in coffee, even though it is the same substance in both of them. The caffeine in tea is bound to flavonoids and is released in the bowel. The effect of the caffeine in tea therefore lasts longer and is not as strong as in coffee. People who drink tea therefore are said to be more relaxed than coffee drinkers!

While Matcha is a green tea, it does taste differently. If you don´t like green tea, you could very well like Matcha tea! If I had to describe the taste of Matcha, I would describe it as mild, not too bitter, creamy, intensive, sometimes fruity or nutty, and definitely full of flavour! You can get hundreds of different types of Matcha online, and this website will help you to understand the differences between the different types and qualities of Matcha.


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