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What is Premium Grade Matcha Tea?

There are actually only two official Matcha tea grade categories: Ceremonial grade and Culinary grade. Technically speaking, therefore, Premium grade Matcha Tea is not an official category. However, we consider it as helpful category and it is one that is used in the Matcha industry.

Premium grade Matcha does not have the same sweet flavour as Ceremonial grade Matcha but it is also not as strong or bitte as the Culinary grade powder. We have tried Premium grade Matcha´s which taste really well, and if you drink a lot of Matcha, Premium grade Matcha might work well for you, as the price for a bag of Premium grade powder is considerably lower than for Culinary grade powder.

Those who use Premium Matcha appreciate it for its versatility. While it is still palatable and offers better value for those who want to enjoy Matcha on a budget, most drinkers will flavour Premium Matcha with milk or milk alternatives, sugar, flavoured syrups, fresh juice or honey. As we love our Matcha with a hint of oat drink, we generally don´t mind if we drink Culinary grade or Premium grade. However, if we drink it pure, then we only use Culinary grade.

Premium grade matcha tea has a very fine texture, which breaks up easily in water. It is slightly less vibrant green than ceremonial grade matcha, but it is just as satisfying.

We find that both the taste and aroma of Premium Matcha are still potent enough to come through clearly in almost all drinks. It can, of course, also be used for cooking or baking, but it is more expensive than the Culinary grade powder, which is generally used for cooking or baking.


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