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How Much Matcha Green Tea Can You Drink Per Day?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

An image showing a delicious Matcha Green Tea with foam on top.
A delicious Matcha Green Tea Latte in a Cup

Matcha Green Tea from Japan is getting more and more popular. People are increasingly looking for high quality Premium Matcha, Ceremonial Matcha and/or Organic Matcha Tea, and even Matcha Tea Bags.

If you love Matcha Green Tea you will want to know how much of the delicious green powder you can drink per day to ensure you do not consume too much caffeine.

We found a study on the NHS website that states that 3-4 cups of coffee can probably still be conumed without feeling any negative side-effects from caffeine:

Green Tea in general only has approximately 1/4 of the caffeine that you can find in a cup of coffee, and the effect is also weaker. This is due to the L-theanin that you can find in tea, which makes you feel calm. You could therefore potentially enjoy up to 10 cups of Matcha Green Tea per day, or even more, without feeling any caffeine side-effects. However, 10 cups is quite a lot in our opinion! You also need to keep in mind that everybody is different and might feel the effects of caffeine slightly differently.

We think that a good rule of thumb is to stick to about 3 cups of Matcha per day. You could have one in the morning, one for lunch, and one in the evening. If you do this, you definitely make sure that you are not overdoing it, and the long-lasting and also calming effect of the caffeine in Matcha tea may help you to feel less stress thoughout the day while still being focused. 3 cups per day will also ensure that you receive enough of the beneficial nutrients within Matcha to make a difference!

If you want to learn more about Matcha Green Tea, please check our Education section. It contains a lot of information about Matcha Powder, where Matcha comes from, Organic Matcha, Premium Matcha, Ceremonial Matcha, and many other topics around the Matcha phenomenon!

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